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Buy Harle-Tsu Online Australia, bred by the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, is a high-CBD hybrid cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. With its high CBD content and virtually non-existent THC content, Harle-Tsu may bring relief to pain and inflammation without euphoria or intoxication. Harle-Tsu seeds have a 75% chance of expressing its high-CBD characteristics, and indoor plants will finish flowering in 8 weeks. Aurora Indica

Buy Cannabis seeds in Australia Harle-Tsu is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis first grown by the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. By crossing two very potent strains, Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, these growers brought into existence incredibly powerful medicine. In most harvests, Harle-Tsu has been tested to have a CBD: THC ratio exceeding 20:1. This incredibly potent medicine is sure to have your ailments all healed up without sending your mind on a crazy trip through the cosmos. Buy MAC 1 Cookies

Harle-Tsu flowers are quite pretty. As this flower is quite popular amongst medical and recreational smokers alike, Harle-Tsu has been photographed in numerous times. The buds of Harle Tsu look like little clusters of grapes in shape, as they grow in elongated and conical patterns. The color can vary based on harvest, phenotype, and temperature, but Harle-Tsu flowers are typically olive green in color with yellow-orange hairs and a thick coating of off-white trichomes to boot. Golden State Banana (Pack Of 5)

The flowers smell mildly, and are not likely to make your whole place reek of skunk. You should expect to smell damp, earthy pine mixed with spicy citrus that is exacerbated when the nugs get thrown in a grinder. The flavor is quite similar, as many have reported the smoke tasting of sweet pine and earthy citrus.

Those who pick up Harle-Tsu at their local dispensary have usually done so before, and do not need much info about this plant. However, if you’re researching possible high-CBD strains, here’s why you should try this one! Most see Harle-Tsu as a healthy pain-killer, that will alleviate aches and pains without delivering an intense and overwhelming body or head high. After smoking or consuming a bit of this strain, your mood will be quickly but subtly boosted to new heights. You should expect to feel happy and uplifted within a few minutes, as euphoria spreads throughout your headspace. Sour Diesel

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Balla Banana Many have reported being able to feel the relaxation spread from behind their eyes, down their neck and through the rest of their bodies. This incredibly calming and relaxing feeling is great for those who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, and inflammation. With this flower, you should expect to feel mentally focused and energized, as you can now accomplish any task in your way without physical impediment. Some have reported that this flower is just what they need after an incredibly long, hard day at work. In fact, Harle-Tsu has reportedly grown in popularity as a strain for use right before bed, as insomniacs have begun purchasing the strain quite frequently. Buy weed online Wagga-Wagga



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  1. braint

    A good herb for relaxation. Not much of a cerebral high, but what little high you do get is focused and energetic but calm. Its good to mix with some powerful indicas to even it out. If your a ztoner looking to get blasted its not for you. But if you need relief through the day and need to be focused it is for you. For me no anxiety or paranoia.

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